these one would go down to the best days we had. sorry for the crappy photo.

up close!

Hey Dylan! look how contented you are here just a few pieces of stick-o and you get by, Life is good when you keep it simple, when you get older and things get complicated always remember this moment and keep it simple. iloveyou -Dad

asleep & sound. #tired 🚘 πŸš—

Ninja Turtle Mode ON!

mayday mayday!

Not all good looking go to show biz, others just ride a bike.😈

There’s a heaven for a G!🎡🎢🎡 - back to the photo.😜

gotcha big bird! 😁 Good morning!

meanwhile before getting to sleep.

Future Tour de France competitor. πŸ˜€

that pacifier means good night!

where to go? #4x4

4 x 4 CAT Toycar πŸ‘

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